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Core Values

  1. We believe in family first. We understand that families are the first and best teachers in a child’s life and that our job is to walk alongside them providing empowerment and encouragement.
  2. We presume competence. We trust that growth is possible and celebrate all the milestones along the way.
  3. We are creative. We do what it takes. We think outside the box. We appreciate learning and continued growth.
  4. We support inclusivity. ALL are welcome in this facility and no one will be discriminated against.
  5. We are client-focused. Goals are decided upon based on what is important to our families. Our goal is to help make their lives feel freer.

Mission & Vision

At Bloom & Be Therapy and Educational Services, our mission is to empower everyone who comes in our doors to build connection and communication within their family and community. We want families to feel equipped and confident when interacting with and building up their loved ones as they grow in their skills and development. We provide encouragement, guidance, and respite across the lifespan. Families are treated as a whole unit that knows best what works for their family and circumstances. We value everyone and their unique contributions to their family. Everyone is welcome in the Bloom & Be family.


“If you want to change the world, start with loving your family.” Mother Teresa


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