Fine Motor Milestones

Developmental Milestones for Fine Motor Skills

0 – 6 MonthsReflexive grasp (at birth)
Global ineffective reach for objects (3 months)
Voluntary grasp (3 months)
2 handed palmar grasp (3 months)
1 handed palmar grasp (5 months)
Controlled reach (6 months)
6 – 12 MonthsReaches, grasps, puts object in mouth
Controlled release of objects
Picks things up with pincer grasp (thumb and one finger)
Transfers object from one hand to the other
Drops and picks up toy
1 – 2 YrsBuilds tower of three small blocks
Puts four rings on stick
Places five pegs in pegboard
Turns pages two or three at a time
Turns knobs
Paints with whole arm movement, shifts hands, makes strokes
Self-feeds with minimal assistance
Able to use signing to communicate
Brings spoon to mouth
Holds and drinks from cup independently
2 – 3 YrsStrings four large beads
Turns single pages
Snips with scissors
Holds crayon with thumb and fingers (not fist)
Uses one hand consistently in most activities
Imitates circular, vertical, horizontal strokes
Paints with some wrist action, makes dots, lines, circular strokes
Rolls, pounds, squeezes, and pulls play dough
Eats without assistance
3 – 4 YrsBuilds tower of nine small blocks
Copies circle Imitates cross
Manipulates clay material (rolls balls, makes snakes, cookies)
Uses non dominant hand to assist and stabilize the use of objects
Snips paper using scissors
4 – 5 YrsCuts on line continuously
Copies cross
Copies square
Writes name
Writes numbers 1-5
Copies letters
Handedness well established
Dresses and undresses independently
5 – 6 YrsCuts out simple shapes
Copies triangle
Colors within lines
Uses a 3 fingered grasp of pencil and uses fingers to generate movement
Pastes and glues appropriately
Can draw basic pictures
6 – 7 YrsForms most letters and numbers correctly
Writes consistently on the lines
Demonstrates controlled pencil movement
Good endurance for writing
Can build Lego, knex and other blocks independently
Ties Shoe Laces
7 – 8 YrsMaintains legibility of handwriting for entirety of a story