Here is what families have to say about working with Bloom & Be Therapy and Educational Services:

“Annie is extremely professional, kind, and loving with her clients. When she was working with my son, his speech improved leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. She was patient with him, made his time with her fun and interesting, and gave us the perfect advice on how to work with him at home when he wasn’t in a therapy session. She was wonderful at communicating with me what his issues were and how we could improve them. I would recommend her to every person I met who was looking for help with speech needs.” – Mother of a 6 year old articulation client

“Thanks for working her into your schedule! We are so impressed with her progress in just this short amount of time.” – Mother of 3 year old articulation client

“Thanks so much Annie! I appreciate you working with [my son] (and me) to help him move forward with his speech! This all gives me hope that we won’t be struggling with this forever. The evaluation you did and the tips [you gave] are the first time I feel like I’ve been given any idea on how to help him. Your strategies and the order to address things are so helpful.” – Mother of a 4th grade articulation client utilizing a home program created and monitored by Annie

“She read 5 chapters today. She was so excited to read one to daddy and one to her grandma. I loved her excitement!! She told me, “Mommy, I’m reading!” – Mother of a child receiving Orton-Gillingham tutoring

“I’ve seen some good improvements since he started working with you!” – Mother of an articulation client after 3 sessions

“(She) has grown so much since starting lessons with you” – Mother of reading client

“Thank you Annie! I am so grateful for our time with you, it has helped us both so much. It’s a comfort knowing there are people like you available for our children’s developmental needs. Keep up the fantastic work – it is powerful & makes a difference.” – Mother of a 3 year old working on receptive language and emotional regulation