Get Different!

It is easy to get lost in the white noise of huge healthcare companies. Then when you try to stand out, it’s easy to advertise just like everybody else so you STILL don’t stand out!

That is all going to change for us and anyone else who reads “Get Different” by Mike Michalowicz! This is his latest book and the focus is on marketing. He lays out an easy to follow plan, full of examples for all varieties of business. You’ll instantly have the phrase, “Does DAD approve?” pop into your head at every marketing turn as you implement his strategies.

Mike is a true hero for small business owners everywhere! I really recommended reading this book AND his other books (especially Profit First)!). I love that his goal is to “eradicate entrepreneurial poverty”! We work REALLY hard to serve our communities so it’s awesome to more easily see the fruits of our labors!

Get your copy here!