My new website!


Thanks so much for visiting my new website for Bloom Speech & Language Services! I am beyond blessed by how quickly this business is growing.

On this site I hope to offer blog posts with helpful tips for working on speech and language skills as well as other fun topics that arise! I am available to answer any questions you have and I provide FREE email or phone consultations with no obligation for therapy. My goal is to help so I want to do that however I can!

You can contact me through my website, my FB page, First Steps (NCA agency) OR you can come meet me and listen to my presentations at the upcoming Indiana Association of Home Educator’s convention on March 23rd and 24th. I’ll be participating in a special needs panel as well as presenting on the following topics:

“Speech and Language: How and When to Get Help”

“Managing Your (School) Day with ADHD/SPD/Autism, etc.”

I absolutely love my job and am so excited to expand my practice to help as many people as possible!


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