Teletherapy up and running!

I’m so excited to be providing a much needed service for clients in Indiana (or for those in other countries who don’t have a speech therapy license)! Teletherapy services with Bloom Speech & Language Services are now up and running!

What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is basically like a fancy version of Skype but it is totally HIPAA compliant. It also has nice tools such as document sharing, interactive whiteboard, screenshare capabilities, video sharing, etc.

Who is eligible for Teletherapy?

Anyone who can sit (either assisted by another person or independently) at the computer for about 30 minutes. Ideally the person can manipulate the mouse but that’s not necessary as long as someone helps them to initially log in to the session. More complex speech therapy cases may not be appropriate for teletherapy but things like articulation and language (past preschool age), social skills, auditory processing, etc. work great!

Why teletherapy?

You don’t have to leave your house! It’s also cheaper because the therapist doesn’t have to leave their office either! (see my “forms” section for my “private client contract” which outlines prices)

With teletherapy you can save time and money while still getting quality intervention. Teletherapy clients still receive weekly homework and unlimited email consultations.

What is required?

Chrome browser, microphone, and webcam (a headset is nice but not required)

I know in some places (especially rural areas of Indiana!) speech therapy is hard to come by so I really wanted to offer this service to reach those struggling to find them! I do love seeing my clients in person but if I can help at all through this method vs. not helping at all, I think this is a great option! 🙂

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me! May is Better Speech & Hearing Month so watch my website for some tips, freebies, and deals!


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