Many of my clients have benefited from teletherapy with me so I wanted to write a blog post explaining a bit about it and how it may help you or a loved one.

Teletherapy involves sessions where I meet my clients over the computer. I have a camera and a headset so I can hear you clearly and you can see me. You can use the camera and microphone built into your computer. You can also use an external webcam, microphone, or headset.

We meet on a secure platform built specifically for teletherapy. It is HIPAA-compliant and links to the sessions are directly sent to you so there is no identifying information floating around. The platform I use has an interactive whiteboard as well as the ability for me to upload worksheets and other papers/pictures for us both to see. It can also screen share and do fun things like that (although I’m still learning that part!).

The beauty of teletherapy is that you don’t have to leave your home (sparing you the cold and travel time!) and you don’t have to cart siblings around. The other great thing is that I can see clients anywhere in the state of Indiana or countries without speech therapy licensing agencies!

Teletherapy is not perfect for everyone and sometimes I do miss seeing my kids in person and being able to cue them physically. Some children will need a parent to sit with them but many are independent and can remain engaged. Teletherapy is also a great way to work on parent coaching or home programs and consultations.

Just like in typical sessions, I always give my teletherapy clients homework for the week via email either that day or the next. Practicing at home is so important for success!

If you’re interested in chatting, asking questions, or setting up a consultation, please reach out via email or the contact form on this website!

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