Homework Helpers are HERE!

I see most of my clients between 30 and 60 minutes each week. The rest of the more than 10,000 minutes a week, they are NOT with me! They are with their families and doing other activities! THIS is why I emphasize homework so much with my kiddos.

I suggest that all my clients work between 5-20 minutes each day on their speech targets or goals. I know that can be a mighty tall order for some, so in addition to the homework pages, words, etc. that I give out following sessions, I wanted to create some helpers to make homework time easier, more fun, and more motivating!

Here is a description of the Progress Tracker packet that I put together:

Page 1:

  • You and your child can use a mountain coloring page to keep track of progress on his or her goals. Every time they meet a goal on their way to conquering their target sound in conversation, color that chunk in and add mountainous decorations! This visual reminder will be so motivating!

Page 2:

  • Use the 100 block pyramid during at-home practice sessions. Encourage your child to try and get 100 productions of their goal/target each time they practice. If your child says the same word five times, that counts as five blocks! Color a number whether the production is correct or incorrect.

Carryover will be most successful (and faster!) when caregivers work at home on a child’s goals with them, even a little at a time. I hope these fun worksheets help make homework time a blast!

Click this link to sign up to have this FREE packet emailed to you!

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